Coconut milk smoothies

Coconut Milk Smoothie

Smoothies have always enchanted the foodies from all over the world and this refreshing drink has been also subjected to numerous experiments. The kitchen experts have tried to add new flavors and ingredients to create new tastes for the regular smoothies. The drink generally contains fresh fruits, which is blended with cream, sweeteners and other ingredients. The consistency of smoothies is somewhat similar to milkshake but is thicker than slush drinks.

The concept of smoothies popped up during the early 1930s and it soon became the toast of the American crowd. Soon there began a movement in favor of this American drink that gained huge popularity all over the world. Often ice and frozen fruits make up a smoothie but nowadays, new ingredients are also being used. The use of coconut milk is another new addition to the list but it also has a high nutritious value. This is one advantage that coconut milk drinks offer, as the natural fats and minerals contained in the coconut milk not only enhance the taste but also provide the necessary nutrition. Read more »

Three open coconuts

Coconut Oil for Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Physicians got interest in coconuts when they noticed the fact that inhabitants of tropical countries are rarely sick of diabetes and other diseases like heart problems, and cancer. After doing some research many scientist claim about coconut oil diabetes benefits.

Before speaking about the treatment let’s learn about the nature of this sickness.

What is diabetes?

The disease is caused by a disorder in metabolism. As a result, a patient suffers from high levels of blood sugar in our body system. Our pancreas doesn’t produce sufficient number of insulin. It prevents the glucose from entering the cells to be converted into energy.

Diabetics are not recommended to consume too many sweets, since sugar and starch are the main causes of this disease. But in many cases, diabetes can bу caused by our hereditary or environmental factors. Read more »

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Coconut Oil Acne Solution for Clean and Shiny Skin

The homeland of coconuts is considered South-East Asia, where coconut palms are spread worldwide. These palms are called the tree of life.
Scientists believe coconut palm one of the ten most useful plants on earth. For the first time the coconut palm was described in the book by Marco Polo (1254-1324).

Coconuts grow in a tree of 15-20 pieces; they ripen within 8-10 months. Fruit weights up to 2.5 kg
Natural coconut oil, as it is known, helps to solve many skin problems. This tropical product can work in different directions and can cope with different skin problems.

Coconut oil for skin

Filipinos are known for their young and soft-looking skin without wrinkles, in spite of the fact that they live in conditions that exposes harmful effects of sunlight during a year. The point is that coconut oil is not only an important product that, they eat, but it is a core element of the majority of cosmetic means. Read more »

Coconut flour pancakes

Exotic Recipes Without Gluten. Coconut Flour Pancakes.

Coconut is an exotic fruit, which we can often find in perfumery products, sweets and in cosmetics. This fruit has many useful properties. Its composition contains minerals such as sodium, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus. Thanks to the content of proteins, oils and organic substances, coconut has a beneficial effect on a woman’s beauty.

Composition of coconuts

Immature coconuts contain coconut water inside. It contains nutrients that help perfectly quench thirst. The taste is sour-sweet and cool. Coconut milk is also used as a drink. Fresh pulp is used in many dishes. Dried coconut pulp is used for producing coconut oil and coconut flour. Read more »

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Coconut Oil Skin Benefits for Your Beauty and Youth

In cosmetology this product is used for all kinds of home care for skin and hair. Also coconut oil skin benefits are to maintain youth and beauty from inside.)

Coconut oil is vegetable fatty oil produced from the dried oily cloth (pulp) of coconuts, source of important nutrients. Rich useful vegetable oils and vegetable protein are made by a method of pressing, cold or hot. It depends on the preservation of nutrients and the use of various kinds of it.

In cosmetology this product is used for all kinds of home care for skin and hair. Also high-quality coconut oil is used for food to maintain youth and beauty from inside.

Indian beauties have always been famous for their special impeccability. Since ancient times their secret beauty has been the use of coconut oil, as the main means for care of hair and skin of the face. Read more »

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Coconut Flour Recipe for Health-Conscious People

Health-conscious people who take a lot of care of their diet will appreciate such a new product as coconut flour. As soon as you buy a parcel with coconut flour, you can immediately begin to experiment! There are lots of nice recipes, but let’s start our article with the benefits of this new tropical product.

Benefits of coconut flour

- Does not contain gluten

- Contains fewer carbohydrates (compared with wheat)

- Contains protein

- Contains fiber Read more »

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The List of Coconut Oil Health Benefits

Coconut oil is one of the main sources of food for millions of people living in the tropical climate. The fruit of «tree of life» is rich in fats, which are extremely beneficial for health and mood.

The inhabitants of the tropical regions, consume a lot of coconut oil and other products of this famous tree. As a result, the rarely suffer from overweight and other diseases. In fact, coconut oil health benefits are enormous. Let’s speak about some of them.

Tropical hair care

This tropical liquid is one of the best sources of nutrients, which keep our hair healthy and shiny. It promotes its growth and polishes. Regular head massage with coconut oil gets rid of dandruff, lice and nits, as well as restores damaged hair, providing it with the necessary proteins. Read more »

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What is the Formula of Fantastic Hair? Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Can we use coconut oil for improving the condition of our locks? There are many pros and cons of this argument. Most people are sure that this product can really improve the condition of hair. Thus, this article deals with the problem how to use it for hair growth. Wonderful qualities of coconut oil were discovered long time ago. This product was highly appreciated for its therapeutic properties and abilities to prevent hair loss. In fact, nowadays scientists have proven that this liquid has many advantages for the nutrition and recovery of hair. Moreover, these properties can be increased when the product is used along with other cosmetic means. Read more »

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Coconut Juice Calories and Other Facts about This Tropical Product

In the tropics a coconut tree is called “the tree of life” or “the tree of thousand uses “! And it is not in vain. People have been using unique properties of this tree for medicinal purposes.

In fact, coconuts are not real nuts – they are seeds of a coconut tree. They can contain pulp, milk, or juice inside.

Coconut water is extracted from immature green fruit. This liquid is crystal clear and has a sweet-sour taste. The natives often use it instead of the usual drinking water, as it perfectly quenches thirst. This liquid contains a large amount of mineral substances, and also possesses antipyretic properties. It is recommended to use in diabetes mellitus and kidney stone disease. Read more »

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Coconut Milk Nutrition Facts

Not all products contain a complete set of essential vitamins and minerals, so it is very important to eat a variety of products, in order to fill the organism with nutrients. One of such product is famous coconut milk.

Often people get confused water contained inside young coconuts with well-known coconut milk. You should know that milk is produced from the pulp of the fruit; this liquid has a white color and its taste is significantly different from water. It is produced by mixing water and well chopped coconut pulp. This fluid is high in sugars and fats. It is impossible to deny the useful properties of this tropical product. It is used in medicine, cosmetology and cooking. Read more »